• 16 Nov 2020
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What is Aito?

Aito is a database that provides AI functionalities such as predicting, matching, recommending, smart search and analytics through a query interface.

Additionally, it provides traditional query capabilities found in databases and full-text search capabilities found in search engines such as Lucene or ElasticSearch.

What database is Aito using?

The Aito database is custom-built but inspired by Lucene. The database indexes are optimized for the fast statistical operations needed for the queries and speed Aito can provide. Special linked indexes also allow fast statistical reasoning and queries through links.

What response times should I expect?

It depends on the amount of data uploaded and its complexity, but in many cases, the response times are around a few hundred milliseconds. Optimally a few milliseconds, and a few seconds at its worst.

In most use cases Aito can be integrated to the UI interactions without slowing down the experience.

Where are the servers and data hosted?

Our servers and data are hosted in AWS eu-west-1 in Ireland.

Do you support other protocols than HTTP?

Currently, we don't support other protocols and have no immediate plans to add new ones.

If you'd wish to see other protocols, please contact

How does it work under the hood?

Aito is able to provide ML functionalities through a query interface by utilizing the Bayesian inference on existing historical data. Aito uses lazy learning tecniques to provide instant predictions to predictive database queries. This separates it from almost all machine learning solutions and machine learning databases, as they use 'eager learning' that depends on an explicitly created machine learning model.

Aito calculates statistics using the database indexes, which enable extreme speed optimizations in gathering the needed statistics. This enables Aito to create machine learning models in milliseconds, providing real-time results to the arbitrary prediction, recommendation, and ML queries.

Is database ACID?

Aito is not ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability), but does fulfill the A, C, and I parts of the contract. All the changes are atomic, the database always remains in a consistent state even after crashes, and the changes are isolated. Still, the changes may not be durable immediately after the write, because of filesystem and network caches.

The ACID capabilities are enabled by Aito's software architecture design, which was inspired by Lucene and Git. The basic database building components are all immutable, and the database state is changed by preparing a new state and moving the database HEAD to point to the new state. This operation is done under a write lock. This guarantees that Aito changes happen in atomic, consistent and isolated steps. The durability requirement is not fulfilled due to the major performance hit it would cause.

So, do not use Aito as your primary database. We recommend you use a separate database or a back-up system to guarantee the durability of your data.

Can I host Aito myself?

Please contact us, we are currently making plans on how to best support this.

What payment methods do you accept?

Aito instances are billed on a monthly basis using major credit cards. Currently, we support Master Card, Visa, Diners Club, American Express and Maestro cards.

For enterprise customers with multiple instances and pre-paid commitments, we can also offer invoice payment method. Contact us for details.

How do I ask for support, report bugs, and provide feedback?

If you run into problems, please send a message to or our Slack community.

We take quality seriously and aim to perfect our software - both for errors as well as for usability issues. However, we're making improvements and tweaks both to the core-functionality on a continuous basis.

What time zone Aito uses?

All times returned in the responses are in UTC.

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